Dairy Farm Investments


In mid-2008, the company purchased a property of 500 acres (1.95 ha) in Brucknell, South Western Victoria, 30 kms east from Warrnambool and approximately 3 hours drive south west of Melbourne. The farm has been converted from a dry stock farm to milking 450 cows in the first year of full production.

Site characteristics
The contour of the land is predominantly flat with an estimated 95% effective area. It is divided almost in half by Moreys Road. Rainfall in the area is approximately 800 mm p.a. and the property has good access to water including a dam with water rights for 190 cubic metres per day plus 2 bores providing additional water.

There is one dwelling on the property occupied by farm staff. The house is 3 years old and in good condition. A new 50 bale rotary cowshed was built in 2008 to enable production to be lifted to accommodate 1,000 cows efficiently. Other capital expenditure is being undertaken including extension of some paddocks to make more effective sizes, upgrading of races and regrassing in certain paddocks.


The property has been converted in 2008/9 from a dry stock farm. Production for the 2009 year is expected to be 215,184 kgs milk solids.

Future potential
The business plan focuses on achieving increases in production through improving farming practices.